Bollywood / Urfi javed relatives cut her clothes in anger and now they are taking selfies with her

Zoom News : May 25, 2022, 10:50 PM
Bollywood | Urfi Javed remains in the headlines for her bold outfits. Sometimes she gets trolled about her outfits, but it doesn't matter to Urfi and she again comes into the limelight by wearing some new and bold outfits. Now recently, Urfi told how he used to hear negative comments from family and relatives regarding these outfits. Although till yesterday, some of those who spoke ill of him, today get him to click photos with him. Not only this, she also told how she earns well through this. Urfi says that she does not care about trolls and negative comments and she will continue to do what she likes.

While talking to Indian Express, Urfi said that whatever I am today is because of the photographers who shared my photos and because of them they got popularity. She said, 'If my bus goes, then I will gift a car and house to every photographer. I give all the credit to him. He will be the chief guest when I get married.

Urfi was asked that it is said that she gives money to photographers to post photos, she said, 'People always ask questions. Even if I die, they will question me. I don't care about these things. These are the same people who earlier used to say that I do not have money to book flight tickets. Urfi earns well through her posts.

Relatives made negative comments

Urfi told that once some of his relatives came home and asked his father to look at Urfi's clothes. Urfi said that she was always bold and loved dressing up in her own style. But this was not tolerated by some people and they took out all the anger on my clothes. He cut many of my dresses with scissors. He said that it is sleeveless and it shows cleavage. I had decided that I will definitely come back to them one day and see today many of them take selfies with me.