Special / Viral bride groom seeing golgappa came down from stage on their wedding to taste

Zoom News : Jun 20, 2022, 09:49 PM
Foodie Couple: People in India are very fond of eating spicy food. In such a situation, Golgappas are also considered to be the favorite snacks of Indians. Now a video of 'Golgappa Lovers' is spreading like fire on social media. Watching this video can make your mouth water too.

The bride and groom came off the stage

It is being told that the bride and groom are sitting on the stage when a golgappa stall opens. The couple starts getting greedy after seeing the stall. Both get down from the stage and you will also be surprised to see what happens after that. First you also watch this viral video...

eat golgappas with great gusto

The bride and groom get down and pick up one golgappa each from the plate and cheers as is done before drinking drinks. After that both of them break on the golgappas. The bride raises her nose and starts eating golgappas with great fervor. The groom loses to the bride in this race because the bride eats more golgappas than him. People are liking this video very much.

video going viral

This video shared on Instagram is becoming very viral. People (Social Media Users) are also liking the pair of bride and groom. Apart from this, the romantic background music playing in the video wins the hearts of the people.