Rajasthan / Was missing 26 years ago relatives had performed the last rites Now got the news of being alive

Zoom News : Jul 10, 2022, 04:06 PM
Rajasthan | What views life will show, there is no idea at all. A man who had gone missing from his home 26 years ago due to poor mental condition and who was presumed dead by his family members to perform his last rites, suddenly came to know that he was alive. The wife of this man was also leading a life like a widow. The family members were happy with the news of the man being alive and his son reached the 'Apna Ghar' ashram in Bharatpur on Sunday to pick him up.

what is the matter

In fact, 64-year-old Swapneshwar Ten, a resident of Cuttack in Orissa, had gone missing from the house about 26 years ago. On Sunday, after 26 years, he could meet his son but he could not recognize him. Because when he went missing, his son Sanjay Kumar Das was only 13 years old. Today that son is married and he also has children. According to the information, Swapaneshwar Das had become mentally ill. He left home 26 years ago. During that time his eldest son was 13 years old and younger son was 10 years old. The family members had assumed the slave to be dead, and all the rituals after death were performed till the last rites. His wife started living the life of a widow. But now the family members came to know that Das is alive and living in 'Apna Ghar' Ashram in Bharatpur.

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Swapneshwar Das's son Sanjay Kumar Das said that his father Swapneshwar Das had gone missing from the house when he was studying in class 9th. The whole family searched for him a lot but he could not be traced anywhere. There is a ritual in Orissa that the person who goes missing and is not found for 12 years, is considered dead and all the funeral rituals are performed. Although my mother Swarnalata Das had hoped that my husband was alive, she waited for her husband Swapneshwar Das for 24 years instead of 12. After that, after the pressure of the family, all the rituals of the funeral of Swapneshwar Das were performed.

Brought from the ashram of Tamil Nadu and admitted to the Bharatpur ashram

On 13 March 2021, 144 Prabhujans (depressed, destitute people) were shifted from Anabhu Jyoti Ashram in Villupuram, Tamil Nadu to Apna Ghar Ashram in Bharatpur, including one Swapneshwar Das. He was mentally ill. Swapneshwar Das was treated at Apna Ghar Ashram and when he slowly started recovering mentally, he told the address of his house. Apna Ghar Ashram contacted Bellisahi Police in Cuttack. The family members of Swapneshwar Das were contacted through the police, after which the family members of Swapneshwar Das were made to talk through video call, after which the family recognized Swapneshwar Das. On Sunday, Sanjay Kumar Das, the elder son of Swapneshwar Das, came to his home ashram in Bharatpur to take his father.

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Apna Ghar Ashram Director Dr BM Bhardwaj told that Swapneshwar Das was shifted from Tamil Nadu ashram here last year. His mental condition was bad, which was treated. When he started recovering after treatment, he told the address of his house. After that his family was contacted by the police and today his son has come to pick him up.