Arvind Kejriwal News / Why did he not resign from the post of CM even after going to jail? CM Kejriwal gave the reason

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 11, 2024, 05:38 PM
Arvind Kejriwal News: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who is in jail in a corruption case related to the alleged liquor scam case in Delhi, was granted interim bail by the Supreme Court on May 10 to take part in the election campaign on the basis of conditions. After bail, Kejriwal will have to surrender on June 2. After getting bail from the court, Arvind Kejriwal visited Hanuman temple on Saturday and then held a press conference. Arvind Kejriwal revealed why he did not resign from the post of Chief Minister even after his arrest? He said that Kejriwal never had any greed for any post, neither did I come here to become CM nor PM. I used to work as Commissioner in Income Tax.

Arvind Kejriwal said that when the public made me the CM of Delhi for the first time, I resigned from the post of CM within 49 days because I follow my principles. The post of CM is not important for me, I resigned after going to jail. Even after this, why did he not resign from the post of CM because for the last 75 years, Aam Aadmi Party has won the most historic majority in Delhi in India and with such a huge majority, the government of any state has been formed.

Did not resign for this reason

CM said that BJP knows that they cannot defeat us in Delhi, hence they hatched a false conspiracy that Kejriwal will have to resign and the government will fall, the party will break. His wish was not fulfilled. Kejriwal said that “ other party has been harassed to this extent in 75 years. The Prime Minister is saying that he is fighting corruption but all the thieves are in his party...I did not leave the post of CM because a conspiracy was hatched to force me to resign on the basis of a fake case...''You If you imprison the democracy in jail, then we will run the government from jail, we are not going to fall into your trap and I ran the government from jail.

Hemant Soren also should not have resigned

Arvind Kejriwal also said a big thing about former Jharkhand's Hemant Soren, who is serving his sentence in jail. He said that Hemant also should not have resigned from the post of CM, he should also have run the government from jail. Making a strong attack on BJP, Kejriwal said that if they lose the elections, they will pick up the CM of that state and put him in jail and topple the government of that state. Today, if I am not resigning from Delhi jail, I am fighting against this dictatorship. I am not greedy for any post, such a CM can sacrifice 100 chairs in the name of the country.

Kejriwal launched a scathing attack on BJP

Arvind Kejriwal, who was out on bail after spending nearly 50 days in Tihar Jail, held his first rally on Saturday and targeted the BJP and warned that if the BJP wins the Lok Sabha elections, key opposition leaders will be in jail.

Kejriwal said, “In the last 20 hours after my release from jail, I talked to election experts and people and came to know that BJP is not going to form the government. AAP will be part of the government at the Centre.

“These people ask India Block about their face. I ask BJP who will be their PM. Modi ji is turning 75 on September 17 next year. He had made a rule that those above 75 years of age would be retired. He retired Lal Krishna Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Sumitra Mahajan.