World / Woman caught stealing 8 pairs of jeans by wearing them all at once

TimesNow News : Nov 22, 2019, 03:15 PM

Wearing a pair of skinny jeans might be an annoying task for many people. However, a woman managed to wear eight pairs of jeans all at once.  In a bizarre case of shoplifting, a woman was allegedly caught trying to steal eight pairs of jeans from a cloth store by wearing all of them at once. She was caught by the security when she was trying to exit the store.

The unidentified woman was filmed in a bathroom while removing the trousers one by one. In the background, a man, who is believed to be a security guard, can be heard counting the number of jeans she removes. The bottom wears that the woman removed are black and blue in colour.

Though is unknown when and where the video was shot, the woman in the video is believed to be from Venezuela.

The video has gone viral across social media platforms. While some netizens were impressed with the woman's talent to fit so many pairs of jeans at once, others wondered if she didn't feel hot.

A user said, "She's like a magician! I can barely fit into a pair of my own pants." While another added, "I meeean thats pretty impressive."

Yet another wrote, "She's half my size even with eight pairs of pants on."

In another incident reported in October, a flyer from the Philippines wore 2.5 kilogram of clothes to avoid paying a fee for extra luggage. While the maximum weight limit was 7 kilogram, her suitcase weighed 9 kilogram. A photo of her wearing multiple pants, jackets and shirts had gone viral.