Mumbai / Woman sends nude pics of younger sister to married boyfriend, held

TimesNow News : Nov 01, 2019, 12:29 PM
Mumbai: A woman in Mumbai was arrested on Thursday for sharing inappropriate photographs of her younger sister with her boyfriend. The woman is a resident of Byculla, South Mumbai. The accused has been in a relationship with a married man who is also a resident of the same locality.

The accused's boyfriend has been identified as Dinesh Maraiyya. Dinesh Maraiyya is married and has three children. Allegedly, Maraiyya had been asking his 25-year-old girlfriend to send nude pictures of her younger sister. The accused's family does not approve of her relationship with Maraiyya. 

The incident came to light on Wednesday when Maraiyya's wife told the victim's family that he had obscene pictures of the victim on his mobile phone. The pictures were taken when the victim was bathing. According to a report, the pictures were screenshots of a video call. 

When the victim's family asked the accused about the photographs, she confessed to sharing the pictures. The accused said that Maraiyya had been asking her to share nude photographs of her younger sister. Maraiyya had allegedly told the accused that he would marry her only if she shared obscene pictures of her younger sister. 

Keen on marrying Maraiyya, the accused decided to share the pictures of her younger sister. On October 28, the woman made a video call to Maraiyya when her sister was taking a bath and pointed the camera towards her sister. The victim was unaware of the fact that she was being filmed.  

Further investigation revealed that Maraiyya had asked for the photographs as he was upset over an incident. Allegedly, the accused's younger sister had hit Maraiyya's daughter with a stick during a Navratri function, following which, Maraiyya's wife and the victim had an argument. When the argument escalated, Maraiyya's wife and the victim physically assaulted each other. During the process, the victim allegedly hit Maraiyya with a stick. Maraiyya was upset over the same. 

After the complaint was filed, the police arrested the accused woman. Maraiyya, however, managed to escape. Maraiyya and the victim's sister have been booked under Section 354C (voyeurism), Section 34 (common intention) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The two accused have also been booked under section 66E (violation of privacy) and Section 67A (publishing or transmitting of material containing sexually explicit act, etc in electronic form) of the Information Technology (IT) Act.