Science / Amazing view of Strawberry Moon in the sky, NASA told how it was named

Zoom News : Jun 25, 2021, 06:42 AM
In different parts of the world, the wonderful sight of the supermoon strawberrumoon was found on Thursday. On this occasion, the American Space Agency NASA (NASA) released the picture. NASA also told why this supermoon says strawberrymoon.On behalf of NASA, it was said that in many civilizations, it is called a fullfire, although the names are different, we all agree that June's fullhaps is very lovely look. The last precision of Spring or Samar's first feature is called Strawberrymoon. Its name was because it starts cutting the harvest of strawberry fruit.

Tell that North America's algonquin tribals (Algonquin Tribes) had kept its name Strawberry Moon (Strawberry Moon). Because at the same time, there is time to cut strawberry fruits in North America. The Strawberry Moon is also called Hot Moon, Honey Moon and Rose Moon).

Although NASA said that the name of the name is not at all that the color of the moon is red. Although it appears red color at the time of growing and drowning. NASA was told that the Moon will be completed for almost three days from Wednesday morning till Saturday morning. This year, strawberry is larger than an average fullness. Whenever the big bright moon is seen, it is called Super Moon several times.