Lifestyle / Amazon Fashion Sale Winter Sale Levis Veromoda U.S.Polo Allen Solly Sweater Jackets Sweatshirt Sale

Zoom News : Nov 22, 2022, 02:27 PM
Amazon Fashion Sale: Before doing any shopping for winter, do not forget to check out Amazon's deals. Amazon Fashion Sale has offers on offer every day. Brand Day Week in the sale offers cheap deals on that brand throughout the week. In Brand of the Day, a bumper discount is available on a brand. In the sale, you can shop from the most popular brands like Levis, Veromoda, U.S.Polo, Allen Solly, Puma and a collection of Amazon's in-house brands at up to 75% less. In the fashion sale, women, gents and children's clothing and accessories will all be offered.

  • Up to 75% discount is available on winter clothes in Amazon Fashion Sale. The sale offers offers on jackets, sweaters, hoodies, sweatshirts and other accessories
  • On shopping in Amazon sale, cashback up to Rs 500 is available separately on payment from One Card.
  • There is an extra 10% discount on buying more than 2 clothes in the sale.
  • Brand Collection is offering bumper discounts on jackets and sweatshirts from brands like Fort Collins, Veromoda, Levis, Puma and Allen Solly.
  • The sale is offering maximum off on kids' winter wear. The sale features discounts on Allen Solly Jr., Amazon's in-house brand, and the rest of the collection
  • Shoppersstop clothes are available in the sale for less than Rs.999. Up to 50% off on Max's clothes.
  • Brands of the Week: Monte Carlo and U.S. Up to 70% off on Polo Jacket & Sweatshirt.
  • Boots and sneakers are available in the sale for less than Rs.599. Also, the biggest ever discount is available on Only and other brands.