NASA / Asteroid as big as the stadium will pass next to the earth after 5 days, new disaster is coming from space

Zoom News : Jul 19, 2021, 04:29 PM
According to the US space agency NASA, late on July 24, at 12:30 pm, a big problem from space is coming towards the Earth's orbit. An asteroid as large as Big Ben will pass by the Earth at a speed of 8 km per second. The name of this asteroid is '2008 GO20'. Its speed is enough to bring destruction on any planet or object that comes in front of it.

According to NASA, this asteroid named '2008 GO20' is 220 meters wide. It will come out of the earth from a distance of about 2870847.607 km. This distance is about 8 times more than the distance of the Moon from Earth. Its speed is 8 km per second.

According to the report of the website Daily Star, the possibility of this asteroid hitting the earth is 'very low'. The size of this asteroid is almost equal to the Bird's Nest Stadium in China. The orbit through which this asteroid will pass is called Apollo. NASA has placed it in the category of dangerous asteroid.

It is reported that before this, the asteroid 2020 PMZ had passed through Earth's orbit, which was as long as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. This asteroid came out from the side of the earth from a distance of about 18 lakh miles.

Now the '2008 GO20' asteroid, passing through Earth's orbit next Saturday, will pass farther than 2020 PMZ. Let us tell you that these days, NASA is constantly monitoring two thousand asteroids, which can become a threat to the Earth.

Explain why the asteroids suddenly turn towards the Earth while moving in a safe orbit. According to, what happens when a rock moving in space slightly changes its path from the heat of the sun, it is called the Yarkovsky effect.

Under this effect the direction and speed of the asteroid change. Sometimes it falls short. Sometimes it gets faster. This acceleration is dangerous for objects coming towards that asteroid in space.