Special / At the behest of the shopkeeper, man bought the ticket, got one million lottery again

Zoom News : Jul 07, 2021, 08:54 PM
Special | People's luck sometimes shines more than once. Something similar happened with a man living in Massachusetts. A Massachusetts man said his sudden decision to buy a lottery ticket earned him his second $1 million (ie over 70 million) jackpot in four years.

This person got the lottery again

Stephen Toto of Framingham told Massachusetts State Lottery officials that he had no intention of buying scratch-off tickets at the A-1 Gulf store in Framingham, but that when he arrived at the counter, he was asked by the shopkeeper to collect one million dollars. Took a lottery ticket. Luckily that ticket turned out to be a million dollar jackpot winner.

Lottery was also held in 2017

Toto already knows the process for claiming the lottery jackpot. Stephen won $1 million from scratch-off tickets in 2017. However, this victory surprised the people even more. He did not believe that he would win the lottery money again.