T20 World Cup / Bangladeshi batsman Tanjid Hasan narrowly escapes, a major accident averted

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 14, 2024, 06:00 AM
T20 World Cup: Cricket is one of the few sports in which players use many types of equipment including gloves, helmets, pads to protect themselves. This is also needed because when a hard ball of 150 grams comes at a speed of 140-150 kilometers per hour, then the batsman is able to avoid injury from all these. On most occasions, the players remain safe without any special trouble, but sometimes they still get injured and sometimes some players escape a big accident. Bangladesh batsman Tanzid Hasan had to face a similar situation, where a major accident was averted with him.

All this happened in a match of T20 World Cup 2024 where Bangladesh was facing Netherlands. In the clash of both the teams in St. Vincent, the Bangladesh team came out to bat first. Bangladesh lost the first wicket early but its opener Tanzid Hasan was seen batting explosively. During this, something happened to him, which could have ended his career but luck favored him.

Helmet saved Tanzid

Netherlands medium pacer Vivian Kingma was bowling in the third over of Bangladesh's innings. The fifth ball of his over was a little short, on which Tanzid wanted to play a pull shot but he failed in it. The ball took the upper edge of the bat and got stuck directly in the visor of Tanzid's helmet. This shocked everyone. There was fear on Tanzid's face because if the ball had gone straight inside instead of getting stuck in the visor, it could have hit his left eye and a big accident could have happened.

Career could have ended

Tanzid was lucky that the ball did not have much speed and it just got stuck in the visor. If it had hit his eye, it could have been damaged forever and his career could have ended. South Africa's legendary wicketkeeper Mark Boucher's career ended when the bails hit his eyes. England batsman Harry Brook's helmet visor also got stuck in the ball and he also escaped injury. However, not everyone is so lucky. About 10 years ago, Indian pacer Varun Aaron's fast ball hit England's Stuart Broad's visor. At that time, his nose was injured and he bled a lot.