Bigg Boss 16 / Bigg Boss again strictly took action against this contestant Watch latest Promo

Zoom News : Oct 04, 2022, 07:28 PM
Bigg Boss 16 New Promo 4 oct 2022: In Bigg Boss 16 season, Bigg Boss seems to have changed little but not much. In each and every task, he can be seen pulling the family members. Like the previous season, the voice of Bigg Boss, which stirred the ears of the family members, now sounds like Hitler's voice. In the new promo of this show released by Colors channel, another contestant is going to be a victim of the wrath of Bigg Boss. Let's know who is this contestant?

Big Boss called Nimrat

In today's episode you will see, Bigg Boss suddenly calls Nimrat to the confession room and says that you are the captain of the house then there is a member who is repeatedly ignoring your orders. In this promo, Bigg Boss says, "Since yesterday I have seen that you are suffering from a member who is doing household chores despite your interruption. A similar incident happened this morning as well, you even reacted but she did not listen. So let's free one of the members who are serving the sentence of sorry and entrust the housework to Priyanka who says sorry. will be freed from

Viewers said - How long will Bigg Boss support Nimrat

This time the fans are also seen expressing their opinion on the content of the show. Not only are the contestants being trolled, but the audience is also questioning Bigg Boss for favoring Nimrat. Some fans asked Bigg Boss, Bigg Boss, you had said that if any contestant of the house breaks any rule, then the right of captaincy will be taken away immediately. But when the members are seen breaking the rule, why was Nimrat not removed. Till when will you support Nimrat?' Another said, Nimrat, who got the free captaincy to Nimrat, is scared of Priyanka because Priyanka is a strong player, she knows how to fight for herself.

If they did not obey the orders of Bigg Boss, they got punishment

Looking at the last episode, it can be guessed that Bigg Boss is no longer ignoring even a small lapse. Bigg Boss yesterday also made a new rule for nominating members for elimination. Bigg Boss said that without giving any reason, only the name of the contestant has to be taken for the nomination. But some members used the word sorry while nominating the name of the co-contestant. Just this thing gave the responsibility of cleaning the entire house as a punishment to the three sorry contestants Tina, Manya and Soundarya.