COVID-19 Update / Covid R-Value increasing continuously in the country; Kerala, Northeast states are raising concerns

Zoom News : Jul 30, 2021, 07:56 AM
New Delhi. The 'R-factor', indicating the speed of the spread of Coronavirus infection in the country, is increasing gradually and in this context, Kerala and the states of the Northeast are at the top position to raise the head of the epidemic again. There is growing concern about An analysis by researchers at the Chennai-based Institute of Mathematical Sciences states that the country's two metropolitan cities, Pune and Delhi, have 'R-values' close to one. The R-value or number indicates the ability of the corona virus to spread.

According to the analysis, when the second wave of the Kovid-19 epidemic was at its peak, the overall R-value in the country was estimated to be 1.37 between March 9 and April 21. It dropped to 1.18 between April 24 and May 1 and then to 1.1 between April 29 and May 7. Between May 9 and May 11, the R value in the country was estimated to be around 0.98. It dropped to 0.82 between May 14 and May 30, and dropped to 0.78 between May 15 and June 26. However, the R-value again increased to 0.88 between June 20 and July 7 and further increased to 0.95 between July 3 and July 22.

Sitabhra Sinha, who led the research team at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, said, "The absolute number of patients undergoing treatment in India fluctuates greatly to get a reliable estimate, but the figures tend to be a close value." are pointing. It may go up or down in the coming days. "

What is the meaning of increasing or decreasing R-value

An R-value of 0.95 means that every 100 infected people will infect an average of 95 others. If the R-value is less than one, it would mean that the number of newly infected people will be less than the number of people infected in the prior period, which means that the number of cases of the disease is decreasing.

The lower the R-value, the faster the disease will decrease. Conversely, if the 'R' is greater than one, the number of infected will increase in each phase—technically, this is called the epidemic phase.

The larger this number, the faster the epidemic will spread through the population. Kerala has the highest number of patients under treatment and the R value is consistently around 1.11.

"Therefore, it seems that it (Kerala) will continue to be on top in this matter in the next few weeks. The situation is even worse in the Northeast where the R-value is more than one in most states. "