Bigg Boss 15 / Ex-contestant Vivek Mishra was offered BB OTT, the makers asked to do nude yoga

Zoom News : Jul 31, 2021, 05:26 PM
Big Boss Season 15 is going to see a lot of changes. The show will be shown on the Woot App before TV. Makers have made a lot of preparation to entice Big Boss OTT, because there is no issue of censorship on OTT, so it is possible that this time the audience gets to see boldness at the show on the OTT platform.

It is also revealed to the claim of Vivek Mishra, Contestant of Big Boss 7. Vivek Mishra Nude and Semi are known for Nude Yoga. He has disclosed that the makers for Big Boss OTT had approached them.

But Vivek turned down the offer. It was due to the demand for Nude Yoga from the makers. Vivek says that the makers wanted to come to Big Boss OTT and do Nude or Semi Nude Yoga. Vivek show that they were shocked to hear these demands of the makers.

Vivek said in an interview - I was asked to become a part of the OTT. It was said that I have to do Nude and Semi Nude Yoga to spice up the content. I was shocked to hear this.

Makers are looking for 5x contants so that the show can be tortured. Why do I do Nude Yoga to content? I am quite sexy and expensive to do all this. I told them if you want it, I have to give 50 lakh rupees every day.

Vivek had turned out this offer while he had a very special anoun offer. Vivek says that they would like to work in a better quality project by becoming a part of a meaningless show.

Vivek did not show a special amazing in the Big Boss season. His journey show was over soon. Big Boss OTT is hosting Karan Johar. This is the first time when Karan is connected to the Big Boss.

Big Boss OTT has got his first confirmation content. Singer Neha Bhasin will become part of this show. Neha has sung many Bollywood hit songs. Neha Bhasin's promo Woot App and Social Media Account has been shared.