Business / Facebook layoff She Woke Up At 3 am To Feed Daughter Then Received Meta Layoff Mail

Zoom News : Nov 10, 2022, 09:50 PM
Facebook (Meta) LayOff: There has been a massive layoff of employees in Facebook's parent company Meta. Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday issued a decree to lay off more than 11,000 employees in one stroke. Among the employees who have been laid off in META, there is also a woman of Indian origin who was currently on maternity leave. The name of this woman is Anneka Patel and she was on the post of Communication Manager in the company. Facebook also showed the way out to Aneka Patel.

Woman wrote emotional post

The woman wrote, "I woke up at 3 p.m. to feed my three-month-old daughter, Emilia. After a while I checked my email, as I was aware of the layoff news in Meta. Then I saw that on my email. The letter of layoff has also come. My senses were blown away, I was completely broken. Aneka said that the first few months after becoming a mother are challenging anyway, now she has another challenge in front of her. Let us tell you that Anneka Patel's maternity leave was expiring in February 2023, but Facebook pulled her out before that. Aneka has told these things through her LinkedIn post.

She further wrote in her post that for the time being she will focus on her three-month-old daughter Amelia and will start a new job again in the new year. Let us tell you that many employees like Anneka have narrated their sad tales. Among them is an Indian youth Himanshu V.

Got out only after two days of joining

Sharing his grief on LinkedIn, Himanshu wrote that he is very upset by what happened to him. Himanshu has told that he went to Canada to join Meta and joined the office. Two days after joining office, the company showed him the way out and thus his short journey came to an end.

Himanshu further wrote, 'I am with all those who are facing a difficult situation right now. Now what about me? To be honest, I don't have any ideas. Now I am waiting for what happens next. If you come across any hiring or post for software engineers in Canada or India, please let me know.