Auto / How to Avoid Cheating at Petrol Pumps

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jan 05, 2023, 04:25 PM
Petrol Pump Fraud: Many cases of fraud keep coming up at petrol pumps. Many times people get an inkling that the petrol pump worker is cheating with them and many times this information is not available at all. In such a situation, the customers who go to the petrol pump to get petrol or diesel, return with lesser quantity of petrol or diesel after paying more money. To execute this type of fraud, petrol pump workers adopt many types of tactics.

The most common method among these is that the petrol pump personnel engage the customer in talks. After this, petrol starts filling in the vehicle without zeroing the meter of the petrol filling machine. In such a situation, it happens that more money is visible in the machine while the amount of petrol or diesel filled in the vehicle is less. Then when it comes to paying the money, the customer pays the same amount that the machine is showing at that time.

Explain it with example. Suppose you went to a petrol pump and you asked to fill petrol worth Rs.100 in your bike. Now the right way is that the petrol pump personnel first zero the machine and then fill petrol or zero the machine and feed Rs 100 in it, only after that fill petrol in the vehicle. But, when petrol pump workers have to cheat, they do not do so. He engages you in talks.

Now suppose when he started filling petrol in your bike from the petrol machine, then Rs 18 was recorded in it and when the reading started showing Rs 100, he stopped filling petrol. Now because the machine will be showing 100 rupees, then you will give 100 rupees to the petrol man whereas in reality he has put only 82 rupees petrol in your bike because already the reading of the machine was 18 rupees. This is the most common method of cheating, which is used.