Time Traveler's Prediction / Huge aliens will come to earth next year, US will target and war will break out

Zoom News : Jul 23, 2021, 05:35 PM
Washington: A variety of claims have been made about aliens. Now a man who has called Time Traveler (Self-Proclaimed Time Traveler) has predicted the coming of aliens on earth. This man says that seven feet high aliens will come to Earth next year and they will fight with America. This prediction has become viral on social media.

Steps on Earth will keep this day

According to the report of 'The Sun', Tic Talk (Tiktok) User FutureTimetraveller has predicted aliens (aliens). In which it has been said that the aliens will move to Earth in May, 2022 and during this time they will be 'inter-dimensional war' from the US. In my post, the user has written that for the first time aliens will take steps on May 24, 2022 and will be quite awesome.