Relationship / Husband was having affair With Friend of Wife exposed by Birthmark

Zoom News : Oct 31, 2021, 09:24 PM
Relationship | The husband's affair with his wife's friend continued and he managed to hide this fact for a long time. Even his wife's friend gave birth to the child, till then the pole did not open, but as soon as the wife saw the appearance of this child, the husband was exposed.

such an open pole

Hailey, the mother of four children, has shared a video on Tiktok. In this, she has told that her husband's affair with her friend continued but she remained unknown. When the friend gave birth to the child, she came to help him. During this he saw two birthmarks on the child's body. She was surprised to see these marks. Because the same marks are also of his children.

friend told the truth

Hailey talked to her friend in this regard and asked who is the real father of the child. After this her friend accepted that this child belongs to her husband. She was shocked to know this truth. Hailey shared the reality of her husband's deception by sharing the video on TikTok.

Even today both are friends

Even though Hailey's friend had accepted that her affair was going on for a long time with her special friend's husband, the husband kept trying to mislead her even after this. According to the report of The Mirror, even after the birth of the child, the cheating husband kept denying these relations for six-seven months. After this, Hailey separated from him, although even after this, the relationship between the two friends did not deteriorate.