Bollywood / Know why aamir khan is so famous in china even president Xi jinping watches his movies

Zoom News : Aug 17, 2022, 05:15 PM
Bollywood | Aamir Khan's film Lal Singh Chaddha flopped badly in India. Although the film has earned better abroad than in India. Talking about overseas, the highest watch on the earnings of Aamir Khan's films remains at the box office of China. Dangal and Secret Superstar had earned a lot in China. Dangal's box office collection in China was reported to be Rs 1300 crore. However, even before the release of these two films, Aamir Khan had become popular there. The reason for this is quite interesting and he himself has told. Aamir Khan has made a household name in China with the movie 3 Idiots. The funny thing is that the film reached there through piracy.

Piracy had a hand in becoming famous

Aamir Khan has a huge fan following in China. There are reports that the people there relate a lot to his films. Not only the people there, but President Xi Jinping has also seen Aamir's film Dangal. Aamir Khan has shared the secret of his fame in China with our colleague Hindustan Times. He had told, I became popular 'accidentally' in China. Not many people know that it all started with 3 Idiots in 2009. The film reached the homes of China through piracy.

Youth did relation with education system

Aamir says, perhaps he related to the subject related to the education system. After this my work followed which also included the show PK and Satyamev Jayate. When Dangal released in China, they already knew about me and my work. Aamir Khan's role in the film Secret Superstar was small but the film was released in 110,000 theaters in his name.

Thugs of Hindostan was beaten

The people of China related to those films of Aamir Khan because they were on family values ​​and relationships. The youth there started liking Aamir very much. There he has such a strong fan following that there is a fan club named A+ in which millions of members are associated. Although Aamir's film Thugs of Hindostan could not do well in China as it did not get good mouth publicity.