Crime / Man shoots dead 21-year-old woman after she refuses to get inside car

Zoom News : Oct 27, 2020, 02:06 PM
Faridabad: A 21-year-old woman in Haryana was shot dead in broad daylight just outside her college by a man who first tried to shove her into his car. The woman's murder on the streets, barely 30 km from Delhi, has been caught in a frightening video that shows her attempts to save herself before being shot at point blank range.

The incident took place on Monday outside a college in Ballabgarh in Faridabad, where the woman, Nikita, had gone to take an exam.  She was a final year commerce student.

The attacker, named Touseef, and his friend, were apparently waiting in a car for her to come out. The woman and her friend are seen in CCTV footage near the car, desperately trying to dodge the gun-waving attacker.

The man keeps chasing her before finally shooting her dead. His friend then drags him to the car and they drive off, leaving the woman bleeding on the road, her friend watching in horror. Nikita died in hospital.

Touseef has been arrested, according to the police.

The woman's father said he had complained to the police about the man harassing her.

"We complained earlier also as these people used to trouble her and now they have killed my daughter," the father told news agency ANI.

"My daughter went to appear for an examination at the college. He tried to forcibly make her sit in his car but she refused. After a brief scuffle, he shot her."

Police officer Jaiveer Rathi said Nikita knew Touseef. He "tried to speak to her and then shot her," he said.

The National Commission for Woman has taken note of the incident from the video circulating online and has written to the Haryana police chief to catch the other accused.