PM Modi in G7 Summit / Modi-Meloni met in a very different way at G7, will have bilateral talks

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 14, 2024, 07:55 PM
PM Modi in G7 Summit: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Italy's PM Georgia Meloni met in Apulia a while ago. This meeting was very special. This time PM Modi greeted Georgia Meloni with folded hands as per the cultural tradition of India. After this, the Italian PM also greeted Prime Minister Modi with folded hands. This is the first meeting between Meloni and Modi after becoming PM for the third time. Both the leaders are also going to hold bilateral talks apart from G7.

Let us tell you that on the invitation of Georgia Meloni, PM Modi has reached Italy to participate in the 50th G7 summit going on in Italy. After attending the G7 meeting, PM Modi will hold bilateral talks with Italy's Prime Minister Meloni. Before leaving India, the Prime Minister had said, "Last year, Prime Minister Meloni's two visits to India played an important role in giving momentum and depth to our bilateral agenda." He said, "We are committed to strengthening the India-Italy strategic partnership and increasing cooperation in the Indo-Pacific and Mediterranean regions." The Prime Minister is likely to hold several bilateral meetings apart from the summit.

India-Italy have strong relations

India and Italy are both democratic countries and have close friendly relations. Both countries are committed to achieving the goals of economic development through the rule of law, respect for human rights and inclusive growth. The two countries also celebrated 75 years of establishment of diplomatic relations last year. PM Narendra Modi visited Italy in October 2021 for the G20 summit. Italian PM Georgia Maloney visited India on a state visit in March 2023. Maloney also came to India for the G20 summit.

India-Italy cooperate in these areas

India and Italy work together on many issues including defense, energy and science and technology. With this visit of PM Modi, bilateral relations between the two countries can also be elevated to the level of 'strategic partnership'. Earlier, several Italian ministers visited India in 2023 for G20 related meetings. During this period, the two countries discussed topics such as trade, finance, agriculture, education and culture. The Speaker and President of the Italian Senate and Chamber of Deputies also participated in the P20 meeting last year.