Science / NASA made a big disclosure about life on Jupiter, here are the valleys, the sea and the gardens too!

Zoom News : Jul 14, 2021, 04:37 PM
Till now scientists had seen the possibilities of life only on Mars, but now another planet has also shown conditions for living. This planet is Jupiter. Scientists have shown a garden on the cold and icy moon Europa of the planet Jupiter. After seeing this, their hopes have increased. They are beginning to explore the possibilities of life on Europa in the future.

Scientists have started in search of how the bushes and grass-like shapes are visible on the icy land of Europa? NASA says that these craters are visible on Europa due to the collision of space debris. Along with the potholes, valleys, cracks and bumpy mountain shapes are also visible here. Some of these figures are also very dark in color, which is believed to be grass and shrubs.

Life does not flourish due to radiation

The level of radiation at this place is very high. A NASA study says that the impact craters seen on Europa are caused by the collision of space waste. The situation here is being monitored under the Europa Clipper Mission. The thick and hard layer of ice above Europa also has a saline ocean beneath it, where life is believed to be the most likely. When this water can come out of the upper layer of ice, then life will also be able to originate on Europa.

Exploring the possibilities of life

A report published in Nature Astronomy on July 12 states that there are 12-inch craters on the surface of Europa. The number of these pits is in crores. At present, due to the destructive radiation on Europa, chemical biosignatures are not able to flourish in the form of life here. As the radiation decreases, so will the possibility of the origin of life. University of Hawaii's Planetary Research Scientist Emily Costello said that if we get chemical biosignatures, then we can claim that impact gardening is happening. NASA is sending the Europa Clipper mission only for astrobiological studies. Its purpose is to discover the possibilities of life.