Science / NASA study: After 9 years the moon will change its place, there will be a terrible flood in the world

Zoom News : Jul 13, 2021, 06:34 AM
The world is constantly changing the weather. The number of cyclone storms has increased. In the US, there has been a lot of recently struggling with cyclone storms. Marine water level and high tide increases are connected to the moon. But scientists have now revealed that the slightest flood came in the moon, there will be a terrible flood.

NUISANCE floods are called the incoming flood due to high tide. At such a time the waves of the sea raise 2 feet more than their average height. Water is filled in the storm drain. Water is filling in cities. As the condition of Mumbai gets spoiled in monsoon. Because of this, the condition in the city becomes busy. The water stops as many days in the city, the devastation continues.

According to the National Oshianic and Atmosphere Administration (NoAA), due to high tide in America, 600 floods in 2019. But now according to a new study of NASA, the amount of NUISANCE floods will increase in many places worldwide, including the US. The height of the waves coming at the time of high tide will be around 3 to 4 times.

This study of NASA has been published in Nature Climate Change last month. But NASA has now warned that the NUISANCE floods will increase too much till 2030. These will not come once or twice a year. These will come again every month. Because whenever the light of the moon's orbit also changes, this flood will become more harmful. This flood will come two or three times every month in coastal areas.

As the situation of the moon will change, the Nuisance Floods coming to the coastal areas will be dangerous to the community of those living there. To avoid this, the governments around the world will have to make plans. University of Hawaii's Assistant Professor Phil Thompson said in a statement that it will be due to the long-term change climate change. Because of this, it will get trouble on earth.

Phil Thompson says that if such a flood will come 10-15 times a month, the work of the people will stop. Because their business will be interrupted. People will be swin. Due to continuous water, mosquito will also thrive. Due to the moon, the amount and time of flood will be higher on the coastal areas of the earth. Because of global warming, ice and glacier around the world are melting. Because of this, sea water level will grow rapidly.

According to NoAA, since 1880, sea water level has increased by 8 to 9 inches. One-third of these height increased in the last 25 years. By the year 2100, sea water level can increase up to 12 inches up to 8.2 feet. To prevent it, the emission of greenhouse gases will be reduced. But this work will end in decades. This is not easy.

According to NASA's new study, the moon has always been affecting the sea waves. The stretch and pressure of the moon are balancing both years. If the moon changes its place in your class, then it will flood in many coastal areas of the earth. Because the moon changes a little bit in its place in 18.6 years. Half time in this whole, the moon presses the waves of the earth. But half the time accelerate the moon waves. His height boosts. Which is dangerous.

NASA said that now the half part of the whole bicycle of the Chand is going to start, which will accelerate the waves of the earth. It will be in 2030. Until then the global sea water level will have increased significantly. Because of this, coastal areas will be a secondary flood problem in many countries. More trouble will be in the US. Because the coastal tourist places are very high in that country.

NASA said that incidents like Al-Nino will also promote flood in climate bicycles. NASA's Jet Propulation Laboratory Scientist Ben Himalington said that all the events will be every month. It may also be that there will be so much flood in any part of the year that you have a problem throughout the year.