Entertainment / Neha Kakkar falls on stage while dancing on Indian Idol 11; Pic surfaces

Pinkvilla : Nov 11, 2019, 04:57 PM

Indian Idol season 11 has been making the headlines for quite sometime now. The show judged is judged by popular names from the music world including Neha Kakkar, Anu Mallik and Vishal Dadlani. The singing reality show has been in the news for many days considering the #MeToo controversy on Anu Mallik. But, this time, it is grabbing eyeballs for a different and rather interesting reason. Judge and much-loved female singer, Neha Kakkar, slipped and fell on the stage  in the latest episode. Yes, you read that right! Neha Kakkar fell on the stage while she was dancing with host Aditya Narayan.

This funny incident took place on this weekend's special episode #DeshKiAwaaz. Nidhi Kumari, who gave a mesmerizing performance with ace singer Vibha Saraf on Dilbaro from Raazi and Bumbro from Mission Kashmir, requested Neha to come on the stage for a dance. And the bubbly Neha Kakkar, who loves dancing, immediately accepted Nidhi's request and ran to shake a leg with her. But, Neha didn't stop there, she then quenched her thirst of dancing with the host of Indian idol Aditya Narayan. Aditya and Neha danced to the tunes of Batla House' popular number 'Saki Saki'.  

While dancing, Aditya's hands slipped and her unintentionally dropped Neha down on the stage. Neha's surprise fall left the whole room laughing and the cute singer herself couldn't control her laughter. Despite the sudden fall, Neha quickly got up and started dancing again. A true sport, isn't she? Neha's fall turned out to be one of the funniest moments on set.

A source close to the show informed Pinkvilla, "Neha burst into a riot of laughter after the unexpected fall and jokingly she also announced that she will take a sweet revenge from Aditya for this. She mentioned that she does not pay any heed to embarrassing moments as they ultimately become moments that one cherishes in life. Calling Aditya a dear friend, she said that this small mistake can be forgiven and forgotten." 

The special episode saw many renowned singers from all over India, who had come to extend their support for the top 15 contestants of of Indian Idol 11.  

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