Bollywood / Nobody cheated on anyone: Swara on breakup with Himanshu

Hindustan Times : Mar 29, 2020, 06:17 PM
Bollywood actor Swara Bhaskar has opened up about her breakup with writer Himanshu Sharma in July 2019. The two had met on sets of Raanjhana had been dating for almost five years before they decided to part ways last year.

Asked if her breakup was difficult to handle, Swara told Pinkvilla, “I think you just have to sort of deal with it. In our case, it was very unfortunate. I didn’t have or I still didn’t have a lot of anger that could have helped me deal with it. Nobody did anything bad, nobody did anything wrong, nobody cheated on anyone. It was not those typical things, it was unfortunate.”

Further explaining the reason for her breakup, Swara added, “I always think about it. Supposing you are walking down a park and that’s what relationships are - you have decided to undertake a journey together. You come to a point where there are only two ways to go, you can either go left or right and one person wants to go right and the other person wants to go left. Then one of them have to say ‘okay I will leave mine and come with you’. If neither person wants to leave their direction then you just have to say goodbye. and maybe agree that itna hi tha humara journey. We have to accept not just our choices but also the choices of other people. I guess that’s what growing up is about. I think I am very needy and open about my feelings with my family and friends. So I had a lot of support.”

When the news of her breakup came to light, reports claimed that she wanted to tie the knot while Himanshu was not ready for it. Talking about the institution of marriage, Swara had told IANS, “I believe in the institution of marriage. Really? Are you surprised that I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs? I know people think I must be wild but I am very gharelu.”

She also told the entertainment website, “I think breakups are difficult for everyone. The end of anything that has been the most central aspect of your personal life and has been the most defining feature of your daily life and any relationship that you cherish, even if its a friend, it will be hurtful. Of course, if it’s a partner, it will be hard.”