Tamil Nadu / Onion prices drops to ₹80 to ₹90 per kg in Coimbatore

The Hindu : Dec 10, 2019, 04:36 PM
The prices of onions has started dropping in Coimbatore. On Tuesday, the wholesale price of big onions was ₹80 to ₹90 per kg, as against ₹150 per kg just four days ago.

The wholesale markets received nearly 700 tonnes of onions on Tuesday. This is almost the usual quantity that the city used to get earlier, before the prices started shooting up, says M. Rajendran, president of the Thyagi Kumaran Market Vegetable Traders’ Association.

Big onion supply is from Gujarat, Rajasthan and new arrivals are from Maharashtra too. Onions procured from Egypt and Turkey by domestic traders are also coming to Coimbatore. The prices will fall further now that arrivals have picked up, he said.

The price of small onions too is coming down as supply has increased. Small onion used to be sold for ₹130 per kg in the whole sale market four or five days ago and now it is ₹110. It is available for ₹80 too, depending on quality.

In Tiruppur, the wholesale price of onions was ₹40 to ₹95 depending on quality. The price of small onion is ₹80 to ₹90 a kg. About two weeks ago, the price of big onions was almost ₹130 a kg . Tiruppur is also getting adequate quantities of the vegetable from Tuesday, said M. Murugan, District Supply Officer of the Civil Supplies Department.