Bollywood / Salman Khan's wife Noor and 17-year-old daughter are in Dubai, the truth revealed

Zoom News : Jul 22, 2021, 05:54 PM
New Delhi: The troll can go to any extent and can allegate allegations, without thinking about its results, what will it happen to hear all this. It becomes even more worse when talking about some celebrities talk about anything. Superstar Salman Khan recently appeared in his brother Arbaaz Khan (Arbaz Khan's Talk Show - 'Pinch 2' (Pinch 2) and talked openly over the rumors spread about himself.

Salman in Dubai with wife and 17-year-old daughter!

The concept of this show is such that you react on the guest, trollers and their comments. Where most comments are positive for Bhaijan i.e. Salman Khan, some trolles tried to drag them into the online dispute. Arbaaz shared a troll comment, which was written, 'Where is hidden, Sneak. Everyone in India know that you are with your wife Noor and 17-year-old daughter in Dubai. How long will the people of India make? '

What did Salman Khan

Salman Khan dismissed this rumor, "These people are very well aware. All this is rubbish. I do not know who he has talked about and where he has posted this. I'm going to honor them with the response? Brother, my wife is not. I live in Galaxy apartment in India from nine years old. I am not going to answer this person, complete India knows where I live. '

Katrina will become consultant?

When he was asked in the show, who will he choose Katrina Kaif or direction in the form of a social media consultant? So he took the name of Katrina Kaif and said, "He is the most sensible on social media. '

These celebs will also come in 'Pinch 2'

Apart from Salman, Other Celeb guests in 'Pinch Season 2' include Ananya Pandey, Tiger Shroff, Farhan Akhtar, Karama Advani, Rajkumar Rao and Farah Khan.