Crime / Shameful Torn the clothes of the woman who returned with her lover paraded the whole village

Zoom News : Jun 15, 2021, 10:25 AM
West Bangel: A shameful case has come to light from West Bengal. Here a 35-year-old woman was stripped and forced to parade across the village. The woman's fault was that she had returned to her husband's house after six months and it is alleged that during this time she was living with her lover.

The incident happened on Thursday evening, but it came to light when a video of the entire incident went viral on social media on Sunday. The police rescued the woman from these people and admitted her to the hospital. He is also conducting raids to arrest the people involved in the incident. Sources said that the woman was having a dispute with her husband. Six months ago, she left the village with a man with whom she was allegedly involved.

A police source said, “On Thursday, as soon as the woman returned to her husband’s house, some villagers started questioning her about her whereabouts in the last six months. When he did not respond, the villagers decided to call a Salishi Sabha (kangaroo court)."

On the same day, Kangaroo Court was held. Sources said that some people dragged her out of the house and thrashed her and asked her to tell where she is till now. Some villagers tore his clothes and forced him to roam around the village in the same way. During this, some people shot a video of the woman. Despite all this, the victim was in such a shock that she ran away and was not traced for several days. Later the police found him with great difficulty.