New Delhi / Sharad Pawar will meet Sonia Gandhi today, Common Minimum Program will be fixed to form Government

Zoom News : Nov 18, 2019, 11:09 AM
Mumbai: On Monday, NCP chief Sharad Pawar and Congress President Sonia Gandhi will meet in Delhi to form a government with Shiv Sena in Maharashtra. The meeting was scheduled for Sunday, but The meeting was posponed because the Common Minimum Program was not fixed. According to NCP sources, the nature of state government between the two leaders and the sharing of ministries between Shiv Sena, NCP-Congress will be discussed.

NCP spokesman Nawab Malik said that after the meeting of Sonia Gandhi and Sharad Pawar, the situation of government formation in Maharashtra will become clear. After this, NCP and Congress leaders will discuss on Tuesday. Earlier, NCP President Sharad Pawar reiterated in Nagpur that it will take a little more time to form the government.

The government will be stamped

It is being told that after the meeting between Pawar and Sonia, a final seal can be made about the formation of a new government in the state. President's rule was imposed in Maharashtra on 12 November after the government did not form. After the results of the assembly elections, the alliance between the BJP and Shiv Sena on the issue of the post of Chief Minister was broken. After this, new political equations have been created. In this, Shiv Sena is coming with Congress and NCP.

The nature of the government will be like this

If sources are to be believed, a minimum common program between the three parties has been prepared. According to this, the Chief Minister's post will remain with Shiv Sena, on which NCP and Congress have no objection. In lieu of this, it has been agreed to give NCP to Home Department and Congress to Revenue Department. Congress and NCP will also get deputy CM posts.