Paralympic Games / Supreme Court “Paralympic athletes names will be included in the Tokyo Olympics”.

Zoom News : Aug 02, 2021, 07:28 PM

Paralympic shooter Naresh Kumar Sharma called for an emergency hearing, arguing that any delay in the hearing would cause his application to enter the Indian delegation to participate in the Olympics to fail because of the Paralympic shootout. The final selection date is today in Tokyo.   

On Monday, the Indian Paralympic Committee (PCI) ordered the Indian Paralympic Committee (PCI) to include the name of the five-time Paralympic shooter Naresh Kumar Sharma as a recommendation for the Tokyo Paralympic Games List.  Judge A.M. convened the committee at an emergency hearing. Hanvilkar, B. R. Hawaii and Krishna Murari have never been in the future. The Ministry of Sports stated that it has no objection to submitting Sharma’s name, and the government will be very happy if the number of medals increases. 

The  Paralympic Games began on August 24 in the Japanese capital and lasted until September 5. The latest incident title submission date was August 2, and a panel of three judges from the High Court instructed the committee to add Sharma’s name to the R7 shooting incident and report compliance by Tuesday. The court decided to email the decision to the chairman of the Paralympic Committee. Arjuna Prize winner  Sharma appealed at a hearing on June 6. The High Court will reject his application to join the Indian delegation to participate in the Olympics because today is the last day of the Tokyo Paralympic shooting competition. 

The shooter said that on July 30, the High District Court asked the Indian Paralympic Committee (PCI) and the centre to respond to his appeal against the sole arbitrator's refusal to prevent him from withdrawing from the Olympics.

However, the High Court ruled that PCI’s choice of another player to replace Sharma was “not suitable for public sports organizations” and must adopt a fair, transparent and inclusive approach.