HARYANA / The country's tallest 73-foot bird house built at a cost of 15 lakhs in 38 days in Mahendragarh

Zoom News : May 11, 2022, 08:12 AM
In just 38 days, eight-storeyed country's tallest bird house has been prepared by the temple committee at Baba Jairam Das Dham of village Pali in Mahendragarh, Haryana, at a cost of Rs 15 lakh with the help of villagers. Three thousand birds can settle their families in this bird house built in the Dham. Apart from this, a target has been set by Baba Jairamdas Mandir Committee to build 25 such bird houses in the district in two years.

The construction of this bird house was taken with the help of Pintu Contractor of Gujarat. Modern construction materials used in it have also been procured from Shiddhpur in Gujarat. The committee has written a letter to the Chief Minister on May 4, asking for time for its inauguration. Baba Jairamdas was a pure animal-bird and nature lover who has lakhs of devotees across the country. Devotees got the idea to build this birdhouse from the nests made for birds on the upper wall of the room built 80 years ago at Baba's Dham.

Birds will be safe in every season

Keeping in mind the safety of birds, its structure has been started from 13 feet inside the ground. The first floor will also remain at a height of 14 feet. No ladder has been used to climb it, so that the birds will be safe even from the attack of cats and other small animals. Apart from this, all the floors have been kept at a distance of seven and a half feet. The building material used in this is made of stone and other types of material, which is capable of becoming hot, cold according to the season. The final phase work will be completed in just a week. In this, a platform of 23 by 25 feet will be made on which devotees will be able to put grains daily.


Target to build 25 such bird houses in two years

Master Kailash Sharma, convener of the bird house and senior member of Baba Jairamdas Committee, told that a target has been set by the temple committee to build 25 such bird houses in the district in the next two years. For this, full cooperation of social, religious organizations and temple committees will be given. Two committees have given approval for the construction of bird house, soon work will be started on them. We have lost many species of small birds including eagle, vulture. If the birds are not protected, then the balance of nature will also get disturbed. The committee will now work for the protection of birds by making a plan in the district. It will be inaugurated soon by the Chief Minister.


The country's first highest bird house will increase the pride of the district

The country's tallest first bird house will illuminate the name of the district as well as the state. Earlier, there was a 62 feet high bird house in Peh village of Nagaur district of Rajasthan. But the height of the modern bird house built on the Dham is 73 feet which is the highest in the country. This is a commendable initiative to increase the number of birds continuously decreasing. Soon this scope will be expanded.


3 thousand birds will be able to settle their family

Subedar Ramavatar Singh, head of Baba Jairamdas Committee, told that this bird house is enough to establish a family for three thousand birds at a time. This modern bird house will not be affected by the weather. In its construction Vijay Kumar Nanglia, Nalini Nanglia, Sajjan Sharma Hall in Bhiwadi, Rohtash Agarwal Hall in Orissa, Anand Prakash, Acharya Kamalkant and Temple Committee as well as the villagers have had special cooperation.