Exposure / The report of the Death Audit Committee revealed that there is no corona in Delhi, 70% of the deaths occurred due to other reasons.

Zoom News : Apr 24, 2022, 10:30 AM
Corona was just a coincidence behind most of the deaths in Delhi. According to a report of the Death Audit Committee, when the medical documents of those who died in the capital's hospitals were reviewed, it was found that corona infection was the primary cause in the death of very few people.

Corona infection has been a coincidence behind most of the dead. The injured also died in different accidents, some of whom were corona infected. According to the report, more than 900 people have died since January this year.

Corona infection was one of the reasons behind about a quarter of these deaths, but 70 percent of the deaths were due to some other reason. Apart from these, the remaining five per cent were kept in the other category. Statistics show that between January and April 18, a total of 905 people died in Delhi. Of these, 227 deaths were due to corona infection, while in the remaining 681 deaths, corona infection was not the main cause.

A member of the committee and a senior doctor of the Delhi government said that in the year 2020, a death audit committee was formed to find out the reason behind those who died of corona infection. The committee collects information from all private and government hospitals and then on the basis of review of their medical papers, it is decided whether the infection is directly behind the said or not.

He told that in the year 2020 and 2021, the situation was different but this year they are constantly seeing that corona is visible only as a coincidence among those who died in hospitals. On medical grounds, these people have died due to other diseases or reasons.

According to the committee, 691 people died between January 13 and February 3 this year. Of these, 152 deaths are directly related to corona infection, but corona is not the main cause in the deaths of 530 people. Nine such deaths were also recorded during this period, which were admitted for trauma service. These are related to the cases of injured in the accident, scorched in the fire etc.

Of these, there were nine cases that were also corona infected. Corona was not the reason behind his death. Similarly, between February 4 and April 18, 214 people died, of which corona was a coincidence behind 139 deaths, while infection became the primary cause in 75 deaths.

Vaccination reduced such deaths

According to doctors, an average of 25 to 35 deaths were recorded every week during January this year, apart from the years 2020 and 2021. Between 9 and 15 February, 69 people died, but after that it went down with the infection. On an average, two to three deaths were recorded in Delhi every week since March 3. Between April 13 and 18, two people died. Citing these figures, he said that the infection has become very mild through vaccination. In addition, the risk of death is also reduced.