Crime / The sixth class student refused to clean the headmaster's car, the teacher painted it with a pen

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 08, 2022, 07:38 AM
Crime | In a former secondary school in Baghpat's Barka village, the headmaster brutally assaulted a class 6 student for refusing to clean the car on Saturday. It is alleged that apart from tattooing the student with a pen, he hit the student's head in a desk of the school and beat him up with abusive words. The relatives of the victim student and the officials of Hindu Jagran Manch created a ruckus after reaching Kotwali.

Police has sent the student to CHC for health check-up. In the evening the BSA suspended the accused. Actually, this case is of Barka village of Baraut Kotwali area. Rakesh, the son of the family of the village, studies in class-6 in the pre-secondary school located here. It is alleged that the headmaster of the school asked the student vansh in the school to clean his car. After cleaning the car for some time, Vansh refused to clean the car further, which enraged the headmaster.

The relatives allege that the headmaster started tattooing the student's head, hands and forehead with a pen and also hit the head on the desk. Somehow the student Vansh escaped home from school. After this, the family members reached the Kotwali with the student. Here, along with Hindu Jagran Manch and ABVP officials, there was a ruckus in Kotwali. Kotwali in-charge Maganveer Singh told that action will be taken after investigating the matter.

Vansh Harun Ali Munawwar, the headmaster of the Pre-Secondary School, Barka, said, 'I am a student of class six. He riots in the school. When he refused, he came to school with his family members and beat them up. In this matter, he filed a complaint in Kotwali. All the allegations against him are baseless.