Kangana Ranaut News / This is nothing less than rape and murder, Kangana Ranaut gave a big statement on the slapping incident

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 08, 2024, 06:55 PM
Kangana Ranaut News: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is currently in the news for two big reasons. The first reason is that she has won the election from Mandi seat and she is getting congratulations from all sides. But on the other hand, the actress became a victim of an incident. The actress was slapped by a CSIF female constable on the lines of one of her old statements. Since then, there have been many reactions to this news. Kangana Ranaut herself had also reacted to this by sharing a video. Now the actress has reacted again in this matter and shared the tweet.

Kangana wrote- No crime happens without any reason. Every rapist, murderer, thief and killer has some emotional, physical, mental or financial reason to commit the crime. But even after this they are found guilty and sentenced to jail. If you are associated with criminals, then you will become emotionally active to commit any crime by keeping aside all the rules of the world.

Don't carry a burden on your mind

The actress further said- If you intend to break someone's comfort zone and touch their body without permission and insult them, then it means that somewhere deep inside your mind, you are comfortable with incidents like rape and murder. Because this is also like forcing someone. There is no big deal in this. A person should look deeply into his mental direction where the thought of criminal activities comes to his mind. My suggestion is that one should take the help of yoga and meditation, otherwise this life will be filled with even more bitter and burdensome thoughts. It is not right to keep so much burden, jealousy and hatred in the mind. Keep yourself free.