Kanjhawala Accident Case / Today the accused appeared, Anjali's friend told the whole story of that night

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jan 04, 2023, 11:02 AM
Kanjhawala Accident Case: The five accused arrested in connection with the death of a 20-year-old girl riding a scooty for 12 kilometers in Delhi's Kanjhawala area will be presented in the court today. Presently all the five accused are in the custody of Delhi Police. Today the police will present them in the court, from where the accused are likely to be sent on remand. The police investigation in the matter is yet to be completed. Therefore, for questioning the accused, the police can take them on remand again. On the other hand, in this incident, the statement of her friend Nidhi, who was with the deceased Anjali at the time of the accident, has come to the fore. Nidhi is the eye witness of this incident. The police have recorded his statement. Along with this, Nidhi's statement has been recorded before the magistrate. Nidhi told the police that Anjali had consumed alcohol on the night of the incident. Along with this, he gave many more information.

Rape not confirmed in postmortem report

Here, Anjali's initial post-mortem report has come out on Tuesday. It states that she was not raped. There was no injury mark on the private parts of the victim. It may be known that on Monday a panel of three doctors had conducted the post-mortem of the deceased. Whose initial report has come out.

Anjali's friend told how the accident happened

Anjali's friend Nidhi told that when both were returning home, the Maruti Baleno car collided in the early hours of January 1. After the collision, Nidhi was thrown from the pillion seat and fell away, while Anjali was trapped under the car, which dragged her for several kilometers, resulting in her painful death.

Anjali had consumed alcohol, before the car collided with the truck

Eyewitness Nidhi recollecting the accident said that both of them were returning from a party. Anjali had drunk alcohol that night, she was driving a scooty. He had hit a truck a few minutes ago. Later his scooty collided with the car.

Both had a fight over who would drive the scooty

Nidhi claimed that she had consumed a lot of alcohol. There was a fight between us as to who would drive the scooty. She was not conscious at all. Before that accident, she was about to hit a truck, but I somehow managed to apply brakes and we were saved. He also said that no music was playing in the car.

Anjali kept on screaming, but the car riders kept dragging her

Nidhi further said that she kept on shouting, but the car occupants continued to drag her and fled. He had to drop me first and then go home. After the collision, Anjali went under the car and I fell on the ground. The car did not stop and Anjali kept shouting for help. If they had stopped the car and taken Anjali out, she would have been alive.

I was scared, so didn't tell anyone: Nidhi

Nidhi said it was mind boggling moment for me.. I went straight home. I was feeling hopeless and scared. I could not understand anything, but when the police asked me about the incident, I told them everything. Nidhi, the main witness in the case, also recorded her statement on Tuesday under 164 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

The next day I got the news of Anjali's death.

Nidhi said that they (accused) knew that a girl was trapped under the car. They even rocked their car back and forth, but then Anjali got stuck in the front of the car. The next morning I heard the news that she had passed away. Nidhi further said that if she had told Anjali's family about the incident immediately, they would have blamed her.

Nidhi was seen with Anjali in CCTV footage

Earlier, police had also recovered CCTV footage from outside Rohini's Oyo Hotel, where the victim and Nidhi were seen arguing just before the incident. Nidhi said that I reached the hotel at 8 pm and left around 2 am. The accident happened soon after leaving the hotel.

Five car riders arrested, one BJP leader

Police have arrested five people who were in the car at the time of the incident. They have been identified as Deepak Khanna, Amit Khanna, Krishna, Mithu and Manoj Mittal. Amit (25) works with SBI Cards in Uttam Nagar, Krishan (27) works at the Spanish Culture Centre, Mithu (26) is a hairdresser in Naraina, while Manoj Mittal (27) is a ration dealer in Sultanpuri and a member of the BJP. He is also an activist.