Bollywood / Uorfi javed covers her body with glass on goes almost naked in latest photoshoot

Zoom News : Oct 04, 2022, 03:28 PM
Bollywood | Urfi Javed keeps doing shocking experiments about his looks. This time again his look is in discussion. Looking at these pictures of Urfi, it seems that she is not wearing clothes. She is standing holding a sheet of painted glass. He has painted yellow on this glass. Many people have trolled this look of her, while her close friends are finding Urfi Javed hot.

have worn watches skirts

Urfi Javed was seen wearing a skirt of watches in the past. Before this, she keeps taking risks with outfits many times. Now her latest photoshoot has surfaced. There is no cloth visible on Urfi's body. She is just standing holding the glass. There is yellow color paint on this glass in two places. Even before this, Urfi has surprised people by putting flowers and sometimes silver work on her body. Her mother Zakia Sultan has liked this shoot of Urfi. If his close friends are liking it, then as usual he is also being trolled.

Followers said - you are looking hot

A troll has written on Urfi's photo, don't even wear this. To this another has replied, she is not wearing it, look carefully and hold the sheet. There is another comment, but whatever it is, you are looking hot, sexy too. It all feels good on you too. Another has written, New morning, new drama. Nowadays, she started doing dramas twice a week, earlier used to do only one day. This world will end and agree.