Accident / Viral video of accident car racing trending on social media shocking dangerous video

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 26, 2022, 09:06 PM
Viral Video On Internet: There are often terrible accidents in car racing. Let us tell you that in Formula 1 car race, the speed of these vehicles becomes more than 360 kilometers per hour. In such a situation, even a small mistake is enough to end your life.

terrible accident

It can be seen in this video that two cars are running on the racing track at great speed. But suddenly something happens, seeing that you will also start getting scared. Actually, both these cars get into an accident. Before knowing the whole matter, you must also watch this video...

another car on top of a car

Both the cars collided so hard that one car jumped over the other car. The balance of both these vehicles had deteriorated at the turn of the racing track. One of the two cars suffered heavy loss. The luck of both the drivers was really good that both of their lives were saved, otherwise seeing the accident, it did not seem that anyone would be able to escape.

video went viral

So far about 45 thousand people have seen this video. Many users (Social Media Users) have also liked this video. But everyone is scared after seeing this video. Although such accidents happen on the racing track, but for the common man, such accidents are frightening.