G7 Summit News / What is the role of G7 in global politics, how important is this platform for India? Know everything

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 13, 2024, 03:15 PM
G7 Summit: G7 is an organization of the world's seven most powerful and industrially rich countries. This organization affects the world directly or indirectly in many ways. G7 is not an official organization like NATO, EU or UN but it has played a big role in solving many global problems. We are discussing G7 because the annual meeting of G7 is starting from June 13 in Apulia, Italy. India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also participate in the 50th G7 meeting. India is not a member of G7 but has received an invitation to attend this meeting as an Outreach Country. So let's know what is the role of G7 in global politics and why it is so important for India.

G7 is important for this reason

Why is G7 so important in global politics, it can be understood like this that G7 is a global policy forum. The seven countries involved in it together discuss issues affecting the whole world. Seven of the 9 largest countries in the world from the point of view of economy are in G7. The economy of the seven countries of G7 is 45 trillion dollars. The share of these seven countries in the world's GDP is 43 percent. In terms of per capita income, seven out of the top 15 countries of the world are members of G7. G7 countries are among the 10 largest exporters of the world. Apart from this, the member countries of G7 are also in the list of top 10 countries that donate to the United Nations. Now, if countries are playing such a role in the whole world, then it is not difficult to understand what is the role of G7 in world politics. By the way, G7 countries have played a big role in the past on matters like Chernobyl nuclear disaster, raising funds for HIV AIDS and malaria, dealing with climate change and gender equality.

Why is G7 special for India

Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Britain, America and Canada. The total population of these countries is 10 percent of the world. Total GDP is 40 percent of the world. America, France and Britain are permanent members in the UN Security Council. Despite all this, India is a very important country for this organization. On the contrary, the G7 organization is also very important for India. There are many reasons why India is so important. The first thing is that India's credibility and power is constantly increasing in the world. India is the fifth largest economy in the world. India is also the most populous country in the world. India has always strongly presented its side on global matters. Due to political stability in India, it is very important for the G7 member countries. Apart from this, India has got a new identity in global politics. The world is also now seeing India's increasing pace and for this reason the G7 organization is special for India.

What issues are discussed this time?

This time, apart from India, the heads of states of Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Algeria, Tunisia and Mauritania have also been invited to the G7 conference. A meeting is to be held with the outreach countries on June 14. In the 50th summit of G7, climate change, Middle East and conflict between Israel-Gaza will be discussed on 13 June. The President of Ukraine will also participate in two sessions related to the Ukraine-Russia war. On June 14, there will be talks on AI (Artificial Intelligence), migration and energy. After this, a press conference will be held by Italy on June 15.

India's agenda in G7

In the G7 meeting, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to talk to Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni. Apart from this, he will also hold bilateral talks with the leaders of many other countries. In the outreach session of G7, PM Modi will discuss with countries like Algeria, South Africa, during which issues of defense, energy and future cooperation can be discussed.

When did PM Modi participate

PM Modi attended the G7 summit in France in August 2019. After this, the G7 summit was held in Britain in June 2021, PM Modi attended it virtually due to Corona. After this, PM Modi also attended the G7 summit held in Germany in June 2022 and Japan in May 2023. Now once again PM Modi is participating in the G7 summit in Italy.