Relationship / What to do if first experience of sex is not good

Zoom News : May 31, 2021, 09:29 PM
Relationship | People who have sex for the first time, their first experience is not necessarily very good. There are many things we don't know when having sex for the first time. There are many things that we come to know from time to time. People who are having sex for the first time may not have a good experience. Many people get frustrated after this. They do not know where they have made a mistake.

Many people initially blame themselves for not having good sex. But let us tell you that it is normal to make mistakes while having sex for the first time. If you have not had good sex for the first time, then there is nothing wrong in this. With time, you learn everything slowly. You do not have to panic, just avoid making some mistakes. What should you do if your sex is not good the first time? We will tell you this today.

learn from your mistakes

First of all, you have to understand where you have made a mistake. If you feel that you were very nervous when you had sex for the first time, then you have to make yourself feel relaxed the next time you have sex. If you have not been able to have good sex in the first time, then there is nothing to panic. You have to learn from your mistakes now.

When you are having sex for the second time, then you have to keep in mind that you at least make mistakes. Explain that the experience of sex is different every time. If you have felt pain while having sex for the first time, then you have to understand why this has happened to you. If you feel that your coordination was not good, then you should definitely talk to your partner about this.

Talk to your partner

For the first time, when sex has not gone well, you should also talk to your partner. Where did your partner have problems during sex or what did they not like during sex. You must ask all this from your partner. You must talk to your partner.

It is also possible that your partner has liked the experience. At the same time, it may be that your partner too has had that experience as bad as you. In such a situation, she will talk to you and tell her experience. You must listen to them. Try to have the two of you talk about the experience of sex first. Both of you need to talk openly. Sex is not based on only one person but in this both the partners have to act together.

focus more on foreplay

The biggest mistake many people make while having sex for the first time is that they do not do foreplay well. It is very important for you to foreplay. If you do not foreplay well by having sex, then your partner may not be fully satisfied. You will be able to satisfy your partner completely if you do foreplay.

Have oral sex

You need to do a good foreplay with your partner. You can also give them the pleasure of oral sex. You will also get a lot of pleasure from it and your partners will also get excited a lot. You need to foreplay with love. Kiss your partner first. Then you touch their erotic organs. Gradually you will start making them feel good. You don't have to do anything in a hurry. Keep in mind that foreplay before sex is considered very good.

Know each other's choices

The most important thing is that you know each other's choices. If you don't know each other well or don't like each other well when making sex for the first time, then you need to know each other better before having sex next time. You have to talk to them about what kind of sex your partner wants you to have. You should talk to your partner and know what they like to do during sex. When do they get the most enjoyment while doing foreplay. This is all you should know.