Relationship / Why do men cheat with their partner, this hormone is responsible

Zoom News : Oct 14, 2021, 08:33 PM
London: Why do men cheat on their partners after all? Many studies have been done from time to time to know its secret. Recent research has finally found the answer to what drives men to commit 'infidelity'.

Increases desire with the hormone 'testosterone'

According to new research, the main factor that motivates men to cheat is the hormone 'Testosterone'. It occurs in both men and women, but both have different effects. When the amount of 'testosterone' increases in men, they find it difficult to control themselves. In such a situation, they are motivated to find another partner apart from the partner. On the other hand, when the level of this hormone increases in women, they want to have a more close relationship with the same partner.

There is a different effect on men and women

According to the Daily Star report, Manchester University did research on the reasons for infidelity with the partner. Many such interesting facts came out in this, which can help in understanding the behavior of men and women. The study has revealed how the 'testosterone' hormone affects differently in women and men. It was also discovered that 5 symptoms can be known when testosterone is increased in men, that is, when their chances of infidelity are high.

Blood pressure increases in the body

When the level of testosterone in a man's body suddenly increases, it affects his blood pressure. In this case his blood pressure can go up or down. Whenever this happens, then you understand that the partner's testosterone level has increased.

hair grows fast on the body

Due to the increase in the level of testosterone in the body of men, there is a rapid growth of hair on the body. Hair starts growing on his head, chin, chest and back. Sometimes the problem of hair loss or less also comes to the fore. This happens because of the increase in hormones.

acne starts appearing on the face

Nail-acne occurs when the level of testosterone in the body increases. It is most often seen in adolescence, but between 30 and 45 years old acne can occur on the face. The elders in the family often refer to acne breakouts as youth. What they say is absolutely correct. When there is acne, the desire for love increases.

There is a change in the mood of a man

Mood swings can occur due to increased testosterone levels. Due to this, the man may become a victim of anxiety, trouble or irritability. If this is happening to your partner right now, instead of getting angry at him, show some patience. When his hormone levels return to normal, he returns to normal.

There may be a decrease in sperm count

Excessive increase in the level of testosterone in the body can cause damage to the testicles. This can shrink your private part. In addition, the level of sperm production in you may also be affected. If the hormone increases too much, then the production of sperm can also stop completely. can be prevented.