Bihar News / 13 year old girl cut her younger sister into pieces and burnt her with acid

Zoom News : May 24, 2023, 07:46 AM
Bihar News: A heart-wrenching incident has come to light from Vaishali in Bihar. A mere 13-year-old girl, along with her lover, not only brutally murdered her real sister, but also kept the dead body locked in a box in the room for 4 days after the murder. Not only this, when he was afraid of the disclosure of the incident, he and his lover together cut the dead body into pieces. After this, the dead body was burnt with tobacco and thrown behind the house. After the incident came to the fore on May 19, the police had taken the help of FSL and Dog Squad team, after which the whole matter has come to light. In the case of the brutal murder of an innocent 9-year-old girl, the police revealed that the minor elder sister of the dying girl along with her lover had hatched the entire conspiracy of the murder.

The killers had cut off the fingers of the innocent

The horrifying incident is of Harprasad village under Jandaha police station area of Vaishali district. Kareena, an innocent 9-year-old girl living here, was missing since May 16. On May 19, Kareena's body was found in the bushes behind the house. He was murdered in a very brutal manner. The killers had chopped off the fingers of the innocent and tried to burn the body with acid. The father of the innocent student used to work as a laborer, he used to stay away from home for work. The deceased student Kareena was at home with minor siblings.

Why the murder of the younger sister?

Vaishali SP Ravi Ranjan Kumar said that the accused 13-year-old minor girl was having an affair with a boy from a nearby village. On the night of May 15, the younger sister saw both of them in an objectionable condition, after which the accused girl and her lover killed her and kept her body locked in a box in the room. The dead body was kept in the room for 4 days. When foul smell started coming, both of them cut the body into pieces and burnt it with acid. Then both had thrown the dead body behind the house and remained unaware of the incident.

But after the investigation report of the FSL and the help of the dog squad, the police have arrested the accused sister and her lover, revealing the layers of the conspiracy behind the murder. In this case, the police have also arrested an aunt of the deceased girl, who is said to be involved in the entire conspiracy. The aunt was aware of the relationship between the lover and the accused sister and used to support both of them.