Rajasthan news / 64 districts can be made in Rajasthan! New districts may be announced again, know what is the reason

Zoom News : Jun 27, 2023, 07:59 PM
Rajasthan news: After the announcement of 19 new districts in the budget session of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, once again people can get a big gift. Now the state government is preparing to make 14 new cities and towns into new districts. In this way, there will be 64 districts in Rajasthan. Apart from this, three more new divisions can be formed. After which there can be a total of 13 divisions in the state. For all these proposals, the government has sent a proposal to the Ramlubhaya State Level Committee. New districts and divisions will be announced after the report of the committee.

Administrative work started in 15 newly formed districts

Tell that after the announcement of 19 districts in the budget session by CM Ashok Gehlot, at present administrative work has started in 15 newly formed districts. In some areas, a lot of dharna demonstrations took place in the past days demanding creation of new districts. After that, the state government has sent the committee a proposal for some new cities and towns. On which the Ram Lubhaya Committee is considering and examining. After this, the committee will make recommendations in the report and send it to the government. After this, the government will declare new districts when appropriate.

Malpura district may also be formed

After the announcement of new districts, the movement to make a district in Malpura of Tonk district went on a wide scale. The people here do not want to join the new district of Dudu and Kekri. Many agitations including fast unto death took place in Malpura regarding this. Recently, Dr. Chandrabhan, Vice President of 20 Point Program has shown his interest in the demand of making Malpura a district. Regarding this, he raised the demand of the government to make the district. In view of this, a proposal to make Malpura a district has been sent to the committee.

Demand raised to make Sambhar Phulera a district

The people of Sambhar Phulera area also protested strongly demanding the formation of a district. The area was proposed to be included in Dudu district. But here there was a fierce movement against it. Both Sambhar and Phulera cities are better than Dudu in terms of road, rail, transport, medical, education, agriculture, trade, tourism. Recently, there was a heated argument between MLA Babulal Nagar and BJP leader Deendayal Kumawat over blocking the highway. On the other hand Phulera MLA Nirmal Kumawat also does not want the merger of his area with Dudu.

Due to the highest revenue, Bhiwadi also got the upper hand

A demand is also being raised to make Bhiwadi of Alwar district a new district. However, in Bhiwadi, the SP office operates at the district level for the police. Apart from this, there is also a City Improvement Trust office in Bhiwadi. While the maximum revenue of Alwar district goes from Bhiwadi region. In such a situation, there is deep resentment among the people for not making Bhiwadi a new district. Due to this, the Ram Lubhaya Committee is considering making Bhiwadi a district.

The committee is considering making new districts of these new cities.

According to the new proposal received from the government, the Ram Lubhaya Committee is considering making Bhinmal of Jalore district a district. Bhinmal is a big commercial and industrial town. Similarly, Nimbahera is famous for its cement industry. This area has got prosperity from cement production units and industrial factories. That's why the committee is also considering Nimbahera. On the other hand, there was a strong movement in Suratgarh demanding the creation of a district. Suratgarh has a huge center for military, solar energy, thermal power generation. The issue here also came before CM Gehlot and Rajasthan in-charge Randhawa. Similarly, the committee is considering making Anupgarh, Ladnun, Devli (Tonk) and Jaitaran or Sojat into new districts.

The committee is also considering new divisions

After the announcement of 3 new divisions during the budget session of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, 10 divisions have been formed. But recently there has been a widespread demand for making some big cities new divisions. In view of this, CM Ashok Gehlot is considering making big districts like Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Nagaur and Barmer new divisions. Regarding this, he has also sent a proposal to the Ram Lubhaya Committee.