Gautam Adani News / Adani Group made a good recovery in 24 hours, earned Rs 2.59 lakh crore

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 06, 2024, 08:34 AM
Gautam Adani News: After Tuesday's devastation, the stock market witnessed a boom on Wednesday. Adani Group also took advantage of this. The shares of 9 out of 10 companies of the group rose. The effect of which was also seen in the market cap of the group. The market cap of Adani Group saw an increase of more than Rs 2.59 lakh crore on Wednesday. On Tuesday, the stock market had suffered a loss of Rs 3.64 lakh crore due to a fall of about 6 percent. Let us see how much growth has been seen in the shares of the group companies.

Increase in Adani Group shares

Shares of 9 out of 10 companies of Adani Group closed with gains on Wednesday. Earlier on Tuesday, the shares of the group companies had fallen sharply amid the announcement of election results. On BSE, Adani Green Energy's stock rose by 11.01 per cent, Adani Ports by 8.59 per cent, Ambuja Cements by 7.47 per cent and the group's flagship company Adani Enterprises by 6.02 per cent. ACC's stock rose by 5.20 per cent, NDTV by 3.26 per cent, Adani Total Gas by 2.67 per cent, Wilmar by 0.77 per cent and Adani Power's stock rose by 0.32 per cent. How much was the rise in intraday

During the trading session on Wednesday, Adani Green's stock rose 12.24 percent, Adani Ports 9.62 percent, Ambuja Cements 7.95 percent, Adani Power 7.54 percent, Adani Enterprises 7.22 percent, Adani Total 6.40 percent, ACC 6.17 percent, NDTV 5.82 percent and Adani Wilmar 2.23 percent. However, Adani Energy Solutions' stock fell 2.58 percent. In contrast, on Tuesday, the shares of all the companies of Adani Group have seen a big decline.

Big increase in group market cap

If we look at the market cap of Adani Group overall, then a tremendous increase has been seen. A day earlier, the market cap of Adani Group had come down to Rs 15,78,346.79. After which the total market cap of all the 10 companies of the group has become Rs 18,37,837.05 lakh crore. This means that Adani's market cap has seen an increase of Rs 2,59,490.26 crore. A day earlier, the market cap of Adani Group had seen a decline of Rs 3,64,366.12 crore.

Stock market rises

Recovering from Tuesday's decline, the 30-share BSE Sensex jumped 2,303.19 points to close at 74,382.24 points. During trading, it rose 2,455.77 points to reach 74,534.82 points. Although the BJP could not get a majority in the Lok Sabha elections, the party-led coalition won 293 out of 543 seats. The majority figure in the lower house is 272.