Bihar Political Crisis / After breaking the alliance with BJP Prashant Kishor took a jibe at Nitish gave this big statement

Zoom News : Aug 10, 2022, 12:53 PM
Bihar Political Crisis: 'The period of political instability in Bihar in the last 10 years since 2012-13 is also a step in the same direction.' This is to say of election strategist Prashant Kishor. Taking a jibe at JDU leader Nitish Kumar, who is going to form the government with the Grand Alliance after breaking the alliance with BJP, Prashant Kishor said, 'This is his 10th experiment in 10 years, his image has changed a lot, I see him from the same perspective. ' Nitish Kumar will take oath as Chief Minister for the eighth time this afternoon. While Tejashwi Yadav will take oath as the Deputy Chief Minister.

'Nitish did not look comfortable after 2017'

When asked that there were reports that Nitish Kumar is angry, he is not matching with BJP, was it just resentment or was the script written earlier? On this, he said, 'It is not a matter of displeasure, as far as I feel, I never felt comfortable in the formation in which Nitish Kumar was after 2017. No matter what the positioning was in front of the people. The kind of comfort between BJP and JDU between 2005 and 2012-13 was not seen from 2017 to 2022.

He also said, 'Nitish Kumar's situation has changed a lot. Those who are making such reviews that this will not affect their political career and credibility, then it is not so. In 2010, Nitish Kumar's party had more than 117 MLAs. Then it came down to 72 and now the number is around 43, so its effect is there. He also said that the government should run for three and a half years.

'The new government should tell the agenda'

While advising the new government, PK said, 'They should tell under which agenda, under which manifesto this government will run because they fought the last election on 7 Nishchay Part 2. RJD had also released the manifesto. In such a situation, when both the parties are coming together, they should tell on what issues they will work.

'If the work is done, the public will not make a difference'

Was injustice done to the people? On this, PK said, 'Leader change party or not change, but if people get things according to them, they do not mind. This step may or may not be morally right in the eyes of some, but it means to the public whether work is being done on the ground or not.

When asked what Prashant Kishor has been doing in Bihar for the last several days? So he said in response, 'I had announced on May 2, I have started a campaign, under which I will try to reach the people of Bihar. We are engaged in the same direction for the coming few months and years.