Koffee With Karan / Akshay kumar hold samantha ruth prabhu in his arms and dance actress says she need ambulance

Zoom News : Jul 22, 2022, 08:17 AM
Koffee With Karan | Akshay Kumar and Samantha Ruth Prabhu came together on Koffee With Karan 7. The entry of both was very special as Akshay had brought Samantha in his lap. Karan was also surprised to see this entry and he said that you know that you have brought a number 1 actress superstar on number 1 shoulders. After which Samantha says that I have no complaints about it and laughs. Akshay then further says that I asked him whether he kills such entries, he said yes, I picked it up and came.

What did Samantha say - need an ambulance

Actually, in the last round of the show, Karan Johar gives a task to both of them that both have to dance and whatever dance style they say, they have to dance like that immediately. Both do romantic, ballroom dance, Punjabi dance and Kathak. But as soon as Karan takes the name of Bollywood dance, Akshay immediately picks up Samantha and swings her in such a way that the mike of the actress also falls.

Not only this, when Akshay takes off Samantha, the actress stands up holding her waist. Karan asks if you are fine, on this Samantha says that I think I need an ambulance. Get an ambulance for me. Karan and Akshay start laughing after listening to Samantha.

Akshay impressed by Samantha

In one round, Karan asked Akshay and Samantha some questions about films, in which Samantha gave the most correct answers. At the same time, after winning the round, Akshay proudly clapped for Samantha. Karan Johar was also very impressed with Samantha.

Akshay got partner

Samantha gave very correct answers to Karan's questions. At the same time, Samantha also made fun of Karan Johar, seeing which Akshay was very happy and he said, I have found my partner and today we both tell you together.