Russia Vs America / America told its citizens - leave Russia immediately, there was a panic in the world

Zoom News : Feb 13, 2023, 04:45 PM
Russia Vs America: Due to Ukraine war, America has ordered its citizens to leave Russia as soon as possible. The US fears that Russian law enforcement agencies may arrest or torture American citizens. The US Embassy in Moscow said, 'American citizens living or visiting Russia should leave the country immediately. Exercise extra caution due to the risk of being wrongfully detained. Embassy said, 'Don't visit Russia.'

America has repeatedly asked its citizens to leave Russia. A similar warning was issued in September last year when President Vladimir Putin ordered a partial mobilization. The embassy said, 'Russian security services have arrested American citizens on false charges. He was kept in custody and was also tortured. Neither were they treated transparently and were convicted without solid evidence being produced. The embassy said, "Russian authorities have arbitrarily applied local laws against US civilian religious activists and launched suspicious criminal investigations against US citizens engaged in religious activities."

Russia intensifies attacks in Luhansk

Recently, a senior official of Ukraine had said that the Russian army has intensified attacks in the eastern Luhansk region in a week. Luhansk governor Serhiy Haidai said authorities had noticed an increase in Russian operations near the cities of Kupyansk and Lyman. The governor said that Russia is on the offensive in Luhansk, although not much success has been achieved so far. Haidai's comments came two days after she claimed that Russian troops were being sent to the war-torn country's eastern region as part of an offensive planned by Moscow on February 15.

Reserve soldiers being deployed

According to the BBC report, he had said that we are seeing that more and more reserve soldiers are being deployed in our direction. Nearly a year after the invasion of Moscow, an estimated 300,000 Russian reserve troops have been recruited in recent months in an effort to break Ukraine's front line in the east, with the capture of the key town of Bakhmut giving Russian forces access to Kramatorsk and Moving to the bigger cities of Sloviansk can help.

For the past few months, Ukraine has been warning of a Russian invasion, which could begin on February 24, the first anniversary of the invasion of Moscow. Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky recently met with EU leaders in Brussels after his earlier visits to London and Paris. During this, he asked to send more fighter jets in an effort to boost Ukraine's combat capabilities amid the ongoing invasion.