Train Accident / Another terrible accident in Odisha, the goods train took the lives of 6 laborers

Zoom News : Jun 07, 2023, 08:07 PM
Train Accident: After the Balasore train accident, the news of another terrible train accident is coming from Odisha. According to media reports, 6 laborers died after being hit by a goods train. According to information received from railway sources, this painful incident took place on Wednesday afternoon. Some wagons of a goods train parked near Jajpur Road railway station suddenly rolled over and ran over six laborers, killing them.

Laborers used to work on contract

Initial reports have revealed that this goods train did not have an engine and was parked on the safety track. Railway sources told that the storm was going on. During this, the victim laborers were taking shelter under the stationery rack of the train. The deceased had reportedly come for railway work near Jajpur Keonjar Road as contract laborers engaged by a contractor. An official told that the laborers had taken shelter under the standing goods train to avoid the heavy rain, when suddenly the goods train started moving without the engine and the laborers did not get a chance to get out from under it.

The injured died

A railway spokesperson said that there was a sudden storm. The laborers were working on the adjacent railway line where a goods train was standing. The laborers hid under it, but unfortunately the goods train which did not have an engine started moving which caused the accident. He said that four people were killed and three others were injured in the accident. Locals of Jajpur, however, claimed that two more injured also succumbed to their injuries. This incident took place five days after the horrific train accident in Odisha's Balasore district, in which 288 people died.