National News / Appeal in Friday prayers from the mosque - Agniveer become a large number of Muslims by joining the restoration of Agneepath

Zoom News : Jun 24, 2022, 05:47 PM
UP: Before and after Juma prayers in Kanpur, youths were appealed in some mosques to apply for the Agneepath scheme. It was said that this is another opportunity to serve the country by becoming Agniveer. Maulana Meraj Ashrafi, Imam of Nanpara Masjid located at Yatim Khana Square, said that you should make your sons apply for this. He told the youth that this is a good opportunity where there is not only employment for them but also an opportunity to serve the country.

Sunni Ulama Council General Secretary Haji Mohammad Salees said that there is no need to get into controversy regarding Agneepath service. Even though Agneepath is for four years, many opportunities are open even after this. He said that the council has appealed to the youth to apply in all the mosques. It is also associated with the service of the country. We will not only get employment but will also get an opportunity to serve the country.