Maharashtra Politics / BJP is close to defeat, that is why Hindus and Muslims are doing it - Aditya Thackeray

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 09, 2024, 09:45 AM
Maharashtra Politics: Shiv Sena (UBT) leader and former Maharashtra government minister Aditya Thackeray has said that the Bharatiya Janata Party is close to defeat and the reason is that it is doing Hindu-Muslim. Speaking on the recent statements of Sam Pitroda, he said that Pitroda has resigned from the Congress, and now he has nothing to do with the Congress. Thackeray said, 'There is no need to pay much attention to who is speaking on behalf of BJP, who is an agent of BJP.' The young leader said that today BJP wants to change the Constitution of the country. We are on the streets because the public will vote for us only.

‘BJP makes a lot of promises and also breaks them’

Taking aim at BJP, Aditya Thackeray said, 'If BJP wins, then perhaps this could be the last election. In democracy everyone should have a voice, everyone should have the right to fight. Narendra Modi had said that good days are about to come, Rs 15 lakh will come in everyone's account, everyone's house will be built, everyone will have a roof over their heads by 2022, farmers' income was going to double but good days have not come. How much has inflation become today, what were the prices of petrol and diesel in 2014 and how much are they today. BJP makes a lot of promises but breaks all its promises.

‘People are talking about unemployment and inflation’

Shiv Sena UBT leader said, 'Whenever BJP is close to defeat, it starts Hindu-Muslim, starts casteism. This is a sign that BJP is losing, that is why we are saying talk about the issue. People are talking about inflation, unemployment, farmer suicides but even after ruling for 10 years, BJP is saying what Nehru did, what Indira Gandhi did. You were in power for 10 years, before that you were in power for 5 years from 1999. Even after 10 years in power, if you are still talking about Hindu-Muslim, then what have you done in this decade?'

‘We had gone to Ayodhya earlier also, will go again after winning’

Responding to PM Modi's statement on 'Babri lock on Ram temple', Aditya Thackeray said that BJP is spreading lies on Ram temple. He said, 'Everyone knows what Shankaracharya said regarding Ram temple. We had gone to Ayodhya earlier also, will go again after winning. Today the temple has been built because of the Supreme Court and not because of BJP.' On Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde's statement about the real Shiv Sena, Thackeray said, 'Now outsiders (Narendra Modi, Amit Shah) will come to Maharashtra and tell that Who is the real Shiv Sena and who is the fake Shiv Sena? The public will not tolerate this.