Pornography case / BJP leader claims Raj Kundra physically tortured the model

Zoom News : Jul 30, 2021, 05:39 PM
Businessman Raj Kundra, husband of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty, is in the news for the past several days. He has been accused of making and selling obscene videos. Raj is in judicial custody for 14 days. Raj Kundra's troubles are increasing continuously. Now BJP leader Ram Kadam has accused Raj Kundra of physically harassing a model cum actress.

Ram Kadam said, "On April 14, 2021, a famous model cum actress filed a complaint against Raj Kundra at Juhu police station, accusing him of physically torturing her, but this complaint did not proceed. At the same time, pressure was made on the model to withdraw this complaint. The government has to answer who were these people who put pressure on the actress and no action was taken against Raj Kundra."

Fraud of three thousand crores happened

On July 30, BJP leader Ram Kadam made serious allegations against Raj Kundra by holding a press conference. He said that Raj has also committed a fraud of three thousand crores. Ram Kadam said that Vian Industries Limited had started an online game called 'Game of Dot'. This game earned crores of rupees by fraud from many distributors of the country. Also, when he earned money, he broke the connection with everyone.

"Raj Kundra used wife Shilpa Shetty to forward this game and attracted distributors. After committing fraud, cases were made against these people and they were also killed." Ram Kadam also said that the company which is being said that it is doing legitimate work, they have cheated the people and have broken all the rules. Ram Kadam said that if strict action is not taken against the accused within three days, he will approach the Mumbai Police Commissioner and the Ministry of Home Affairs. Along with this, we want to know how the recent government has tolerated this injustice. Simultaneously, people of Maharashtra were being cheated and they kept watching.

What are the distributors saying?

Thane-based distributor Raju Nayak says that I, along with some of my friends, had invested about 10 lakh rupees, in return for which we were all trying to earn a lot of money. We were asked to give Rs 25 lakh, but together we were able to arrange only Rs 10 lakh. We thought if Shilpa Shetty's name is in it then we would be profitable.

Nayak says we never met Raj Kundra nor Shilpa Shetty. We have only met the manager, who briefed us all about the game. After three months we all realized that we had been cheated. We went there several times and tried to meet people, but no official met us. Later we went to the police, who consoled us to get the money back, but later nothing came of it. On the contrary, a complaint was lodged on all of us.

Solapur distributor Santosh More said that after hearing the name of Shilpa Shetty, I also invested money. I gave seven lakh rupees by cheque. In this, we were told that there is a lot of scope in this game and all this work is legal. We were also promised bigger screens and computers. It was also said that we can get our money back anytime, whenever we want. After a few days we all realized that we had been cheated. When we asked for our money back, we were thrown out of the office. It's been two years today, we haven't got our money back.